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With Colder Temperatures, Pets Need Extra Attention

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As temperatures fall below freezing this week, pet owners are reminded to make sure their furry friends have proper shelter and access to food and water.

Even though they come equipped with fur coats pets still need proper care and shelter during cold weather periods.

The SPCA says owners should take every precaution to ensure dogs and cats are only outdoors for very short periods of time.

Pets must have access to food and water cannot be frozen.

Outdoor shelters must be insulated against the cold weather. Never leave your pet alone in a car during cold weather.

Check Cars for Cats during the winter, stray or neglected cats outdoors sometimes sleep under the hood of the car where it’s warm. Bang loudly on the hood and sides of your car before turning on the ignition to give the cat a chance to escape.

If you suspect animal abuse call the Cortland County SPCA at 753-9386.

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