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Winter Weather Awareness Week: Alberta Clippers And Nor’easters

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This is Winter Weather Awareness Week and WXHC is partnering with the National Weather Service in Binghamton to help you prepare for the harsh, and sometimes dangerous weather that the winter season often brings. This segment focuses on winter storms.

Last year powerful snowstorms developed along the east coast and paralyzed cities across much of the northeast throughout the winter months.

Not only was the east coast impacted, but homes and farms across the country saw the economic impacts due to mother nature.

Winter storms can morph into many shapes and sizes. A storm can evolve into the size of a couple hundred miles in diameter and weaken overnight, or blossom into a size that covers multiple states and intensifies so quickly that the storms reaches bombogenesis.

Large accumulations of snow can be produced by nor’easters, overrunning, and sometimes lake effect storms in New York State.

On average, small snowfall events are often generated by systems called Alberta clippers and scattered lake effect snow showers.

National Weather Service

National Weather Service

Nor’easters are intense low pressure storm systems that generally develop along the Gulf of Mexico, the track northeast along the eastern seaboard. Its name comes from mariners that experienced the strong northeast winds associated with the storm, but inland they were known for their heavy snow and blizzard conditions.

Snowfall rates in a nor’easters can reach 2 to 4 inches per hour and can last for several hours.

National Weather Service

National Weather Service

Alberta clippers are very common to our region and quite often bring a round of snow showers to the region. Alberta clippers are low pressure systems that develop over the providence of Alberta, Canada (located east of the Rocky Mountains).

Alberta clippers move east across central Canada, then they will typically drop southward across the Great Lakes region, then eastward across the state of New York. Alberta Clippers bring on average 1 to 3 inches of snow.

We’ll share Winter Weather Awareness Tips daily this week.

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