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Volunteer Fire Departments Invite You To Visit

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This is volunteer firefighter recruitment weekend, organized with the Fireman’s Association of the State of New York.

Fire departments across Cortland County could use more volunteers and this is the weekend to learn more.

This fire, reported just before 11 am on Thursday, was at 334 Grinnell Road in the Town of Homer. Homer firefighters called in extra equipment and firefighters from most of the area departments. Volunteers were needed. The owner of the home (and his cat) escaped the flames safely.

Charlie Duffy helps with member recruitment at the Cortlandville Fire Department. He joined because a cousin used to tell him how much he enjoyed it. “If anything else that I’ve gained is that I do understand why he loved it so much and why he was in it,” said Duffy.

Grinnell Road, Homer

Saturday is an opportunity to learn about your local fire department. “It’s an experience that I think that a lot of people should have,” said Duffy. “If you can’t help with the fire department, certainly help in your community in some way, shape or form. I don’t think a lot of people realize the reward there is to helping others, and giving back, if you will.”

Duffy says volunteers will greet visitors at either Cortlandville station, on Rt 13 in Cortland, or in Polkville, Saturday 10a-1p. “They can tour the station. We’re going to be interviewing, we’ll help people fill out applications, answer any questions. We’ve got the entire membership committee working both stations, so we welcome anybody who might be interested in volunteering to stop by.”

The City of Cortland volunteer Open House is 10 til 2 tomorrow. The city department is the only one in Cortland County with paid professional staff. There are 12 departments in Cortland County, 11 are all volunteer.

Grinnell Road, Homer

Charlie also suggests if you can’t make it Saturday, feel free to stop in on Tuesday training night. “Yeah, I do encourage anybody, if you’re curious, to come down to the open house. If not during the open house then any time, especially on Tuesday nights, 7 o’clock, you’ll see people outside working and training. Don’t be afraid to pull us aside and ask us any questions.”

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