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Visits To All 62 Counties In NYS, Schumer Makes It 19 Years In A Row

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Information provided by Sen. Charles Schumer

Senator Charles Schumer, now the Senate minority leader, completed his 19th consecutive tour of all 62 New York State counties – an accomplishment that continues his track as the first and only New York State public official to visit every single county in New York each year he has been in office.

During 2017, Schumer made more than 107 visits to Upstate New York and Long Island.

He visited counties in the Capital Region 14 times; Western New York 12 times; Central New York 11 times; the Rochester Finger Lakes Region 17 times; the Southern Tier 13 times; the Hudson Valley 17 times; the North Country 9 times; and Long Island 14 times.

“One of the very first promises I made in 1998 when I ran for the United States Senate was to visit all 62 counties in my first year in office. This is a tradition that I have continued every single year because of how much I learn, not to mention how much I enjoy doing it,” said Senator Schumer. 

“Almost 19 years later, now as the Senate Minority Leader, a position with great responsibility, my mantra is clearer than ever: ‘Senators who stay in Washington and never return home are simply not doing their job.’ That’s why I go to the street fairs, parades, graduations and all kinds of public events. Whether I’m in Allegany County or Franklin County, I’m always mixing and mingling with my constituents.”

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