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Virgil & Marathon Crews Locate Man Who Fell From Tree Stand Using Cell Phone Signal

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An unidentified man was flown to Upstate Medical Center by LifeNet Friday afternoon (October 11), after he fell out of a tree stand about 700 yards into a wooded area near State Route 392 and Parker Street in Virgil.

Virgil Fire & Rescue crews were dispatched alongside members of the Marathon Area Volunteer Ambulance Corps (MAVAC) just before 2:15 p.m.

They initially had trouble locating the man, who they say fell from about 15 feet and reportedly couldn’t move his body.

Thankfully, he was able to call 911 for help, allowing emergency personnel to find him just before 3 p.m. by tracking the pings of his cell phone signal.

A LifeNet helicopter on stand-by at Greek Peak was then directed to land in a field close to the scene.

The man was taken to Upstate, where he was reported to be alert and in stable condition.

Also assisting were members of Cortland County Sheriff’s Office, NYSP and one volunteer from McLean.

See video of the Life Net rescue from the Virgil Fire Department Facebook page below:

Press Release:Today at 14:13 the Virgil Fire Dept. along with MAVAC were dispatched for male who fell from a tree approximately 700 yards into the woods by a creek. Virgil units along with Marathon responded to attempt too locate the subject along with setting up a landing zone for Life Net. 1041 responded at 1418 along with 1001 for the LZ and 1011 with ATVs and our rescue trailer. The DEC / Forrest Rangers were requested to be started as well in case the initial search was unsuccessful, though they ended up not being needed. Members began the search based on info obtained from dispatch. We used 911 to try and locate the subject via GPS info. The LZ was moved from Greek Peak to the scene and 1001 was relocated to the scene to assist in the search. Members of Cortland County Sheriff's Office, NYSP and a McLean member also assisted. The subject was located a short time later at 14:50. The subject was then transported to a hospital via Life-Net for evaluation. Thank you to all those who assisted and special thanks to the 911 Center for their assistance and coordination.

Posted by Adam Brown on Friday, October 11, 2019

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