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Vera Institute Presents Statistics On Incarceration In Cortland County

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The Vera Institute of Justice presented some alarming statistics about incarceration in Cortland County last night (March 21) at a special meeting of the County Legislature’s Judiciary and Public Safety Committee.

While violent felonies in the County have actually decreased 44% since 2010 and make up only 3% of the Jail’s population, drug arrests are up an astounding 386% during that same time.

On top of that, the amount of women in the County Jail has jumped 207%.

Nine out of 10 inmates are in jail on non-violent misdemeanors and 1-in-4 have been incarcerated more than once in the past year.

Vera’s research also showed that its costs the County about $147/night to detain each inmate, which came out to 4.3 % of the county budget in 2018.

More analysis and discussion is expected to continue outside the walls of the County Jail while crucial repairs are made within them.

There is still  no official word of when the necessary repairs will be complete and the Jail reopened to inmates.

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