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Dangerous Phone Scams Being Reported Widely In Our Area

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If you’ve been receiving unknown calls from a number you don’t know, dont pick up!

It could potentially be a very expensive scam that leaves you with little chances of defending yourself.

In recent weeks, there’s been numerous reports in Cortland County (and across the country) warning about the emergence of the ‘one-ring scam.’

This is where an unknown number (in recent cases, often beginning with a “222” area code) calls your phone and either quickly hangs up or leaves a voicemail saying they got a call from you and are only returning it.

The caller’s goal is to get you to pick up or call them back, which could potentially connect you to an expensive charge-per-minute international hotline without your knowledge. Some reports have come in of phone statements that were unknowingly hit with $100/minute charges labeled “Premium Service Charge.”

Additionally, the Cortland Police Department sent out a warning this morning about another phone scam affecting clients of many U.S. banks.

Scammers are using fake caller ID information to trick individuals into thinking that their bank is calling them, trying to gain access to personal data and finances through their online accounts.

During the call, the individual will eventually ask you to provide a numeric security code that was sent to your phone, and/or ask you to answer your online banking security questions.

KNOW that your bank SHOULD never ask you to provide or verify:
• Your full social security number
• A numeric security code for a one-time password
• Your username
• Your password
• Your full account number
• Answers to security questions over the phone

Scammers use this information to reset your credentials and take over your account.

If you receive an unsolicited email from your bank regarding these types of changes that you did not initiate, call them immediately.


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