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Vandals Shatter Glass Panes at Six TCAT Bus Shelters

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(TCAT photo from Lansing Tops station)

Officials in Tompkins County are reporting several instances of vandalism in recent weeks involving  multiple glass panes that were shattered at six TCAT bus shelters, causing thousands of dollars in damage and a major inconvenience to riders.

The recent criminal activity is also prompting TCAT to delay replacing its older shelters with upgraded facilities, in order to avoid the risk of the new shelters becoming targets.

TCAT has 84 bus shelters within its service area of which six are scheduled for replacement, according to TCAT project manager Megan Pulver, who oversees the organizations shelter replacement plan:

According to TCAT’s amenities team, the six shelters that were vandalized include those at West Village, the Lehman Alternative Community School, Chestnut Hill, State Street @ Fulton (former interstate bus/ train station), Albany Street @ Salvation Army, and Tops at Lansing (see damage on the right).

Authorities are asking anyone who witnesses damage being done to TCAT bus shelters to please call 9-1-1.

“We are really looking forward to providing our riders with new and improved shelters, but we don’t want to risk those being damaged as well,” said Pulver. “This is a disappointing to our customers who rely on the shelters to protect them from the elements while waiting for their buses.”

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