Vandalism reported outside Cortland Youth Center

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While most have shown empathy and compassion towards the current #BlackLivesMatter movement in the community, some have displayed a much different point of view.

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After the Homer Center for The Arts changed its Facebook profile photo to a Black Lives Matter logo, a heated dialogue ensued underneath a post that’s since been deleted on the Cortland County Conservatives page.

Some criticized the Center’s decision as being “liberal” and promotional of violence, while others immediately jumped to defend them and the legitimacy of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Here’s the original logo and Facebook post that sparked the controversy:











(Photo credit: Imani Ruffin)

Meanwhile, the first vandalism in the area related to recent events surfaced in the form of spray paint on the side of the Cortland Youth Center on Port Watson Street.

The letters “ALM” were written to stand for “All Lives Matter,” a phrase that’s often used to discredit the BLM movement.

A photo of the damage was posted by Imani Ruffin, a former NYC resident who’s now lived in Cortland about seven years and started the local BLM group.

With her post, Ruffin included the following caption:

“Someone vandalized the youth center and decided to write this. This is not ok yet we are the ones and destroy things?? Now let’s keep showing people we are peaceful and we will raise above the ignorance.”

Tompkins County investigators are looking into several reports of hate threats lodged against supporters of AD 125 candidate Anna Kelles, of Ithaca.

Authorities say at least two Kelles supporters got emails that were linked to an anti-Semitic, white supremacy website.

One resident was targeted for having a sign in her lawn, while an anonymous email sent to the Plumbers-Steamfitters Union threatened to mark up their building on Route 13 with Nazi insignia.

“I think the way to counter it is by coming closer together,” said Kelles, “and that is something absolutely that I stand behind. We have to be defiant. We have to stand strong as a group in the face of this.”

Those incidents remain under investigation.

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