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United Way Helps Others Help You

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The United Way for Cortland County has announced funding for ten local agencies that help improve the health, education and financial stability of people who live here.

Executive Director Christella Yonta says the money was raised during last fall’s campaign.

“We had over $380,000 requested of the United Way for programs in our community, and we were able to fund $225,000 so we’re pleased with that, but certainly we know there’s a need and we’d like to step up our contributions.”

Yonta pointed to one program at the YWCA receiving funding, to help victims of violence.

“Women and children that seek assistance there…adults and children that are seeking support or refuge from a domestic violence situation and we’re happy to help the YWCA with some assistance to that program.”

The need is great, especially in the summer at local food banks supported by the United Way, including Catholic Charities and the Salvation Army.

“Many families that are seeking food there are employed and just need a little bit of help to get to the next paycheck…make ends meet,” said Yonta.

The local 2-1-1 service is another provider that receives some United Way funding, and executive director Christella Yonta points out how 2-1-1 helped in Cortland County just last month.

“This summer with the Healthy Cortland readiness training that the military was here to do and provide health services, 2-1-1 helped set up all those appointments for people to access that service summer, so that was instrumental in having that in place.”

A 12-person volunteer allocations committee reviewed requests and selected the programs to be funded.

Next month is the United Way Day of Caring and the next community campaign begins in October.

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