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U2 Being Sued For Stealing A Song Over 25 Years After The Fact

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File this one under “What took you so long, man???” According to The Associated Press, a British songwriter named Paul Rose has finally filed suit against U2 for allegedly stealing elements of his song titled “Nae Slapping” for their song, “The Fly”, which was featured on U2’s 1991 album, Achtung Baby. The song, which was the album’s lead single, stalled at Number 61 on the Billboard Hot 100, but topped the magazine’s Modern Rock Tracks chart.

The lawsuit filed on Monday (February 27th) in Manhattan, claims that the band heard the song after signing with Island Records in 1989, which coincided with Rose supplying the label with a demo tape of “Nae Slapping” to label execs. Rose is seeking $5 million in damages and lawyers fees.

Bono told us that he’s never been ashamed or embarrassed by U2’s popularity and commercial success: “In Europe, it was ‘against the law’ to be at Number One. To sell records, sell a lot of records, was to sell out or something; there was that attitude. And thankfully, certainly in the UK and, and in Ireland, that attitude’s over, because it led to a kind of miserablism.”

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