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TSA Provides Guidelines For “Dos And Don’ts” For Air Traveling


The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) are providing their top “dos and don’ts” when it comes to air traveling for the summer season.
The TSA sees quite a lot and knows what makes a smooth security screening process and what also will slow you down when trying to get to your plane.

Tips from the TSA include:

  1. When purchasing a ticket, use your full name that appears on your ID, never a nickname
  2. Enroll in TSA PreCheck. You can leave your shoes, belt and light jackets on when going through security.
  3. Download the myTSAapp. The free app provides you with information about what you can bring and where to pack them as well as estimated wait times at airports.
  4. Wear shoes you can easily take off and put back on with slip-on shoes being the best choice.
  5. While waiting in line, take off your shoes, belt, anything with metal (watches included). Ensure your pockets are completely empty to avoid a pat-down.
  6. Place your phone in your carry-on bag while at the checkpoint.

As with anything though, the TSA also has recommendations of what not to do while at the airport. The TSA says even joking about having an explosive device will lead you with an interview with law enforcement and thus missing your flight.

The TSA also asks you not to place your pet or child through the checkpoint (X-ray), and yes, the TSA says this has happened. The TSA asks you to remove your pet from the carrier and carry them through the metal detector, the same goes for your child.

Do not bring a firearm to a security checkpoint. The proper way to travel with a firearm, you must pack it (unloaded) in a locked hard-sided case and then declare at your airline counter.

Ensure small items are always placed in a bin when preparing to have items go through the X-Ray machine and finally, never bring a bottle of water to the checkpoint. Empty bottles or reusable insulated containers are allowed and may be filled once through security.

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