Truxton polling site restored, All other changes remain

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Voting is restored to the town of Truxton’s regular polling place, which had previously been combined with the town of Cuyler as part of list of changes made due to a shortage of poll machines and workers caused by COVID-19.

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All other site changes will remain, with the full list at the bottom of this page.

Truxton filed suit earlier this month against the Cortland County Board of Elections, claiming town residents had their rights violated with the removal of the town’s normal voting place at the Truxton Fire Department.

A judge confirmed that claim by ruling the BOE didn’t give enough time before making the change and must now reverse it.

WXHC spoke with the county’s Board of Elections Commissioners, Tom Brown (Dem.) and Bob Howe (Rep.), who said all other changes remain and that those municipalities “are being helpful and understanding.”

Voters also had the option of either doing so early, which ended yesterday, or via absentee ballot, which must be postmarked by the end of the day tomorrow (June 23).

As of 1:30 pm today (June 22), the BOE reports the following absentee numbers have already come in:

  • 126th Assembly – 1794 issued, 1073 received
  • 125th Assembly – 1402 issued, 859 received
  • Presidential Primary – 2605 issued, 1600 received

Polling places are open tomorrow from 6 am – 9 pm at the following sites:

  • Armory (25 Wheeler Ave, Cortland) – OPEN
  • Pump House (75 Broadway, Cortland) – MERGED WITH SUNY PARK CENTER
  • SUNY Park Center (8 Folmer Dr, Cortland) – OPEN
  • Beaudry Park (57 Scammel St, Cortland) – MERGED WITH TC3 CORTLAND
  • TC3 Cortland Extension (157 Main St Cortland) – OPEN
  • County Office Building (60 Central Ave, Cortland) – MOVED TO 37 CHURCH STREET
  • Grange Building (100 Grange Pl, Cortland) – MOVED TO 37 CHURCH STREET
  • C’Ville Town Hall (3577 Terrace Rd, Cortland) – MERGED WITH C’VILLE MUN GARAGE
  • C’Ville Municipal Garage (3587 Terrace Rd, Cortland) – OPEN
  • C’Ville Highway Garage (4765 NYS Rt 41, Polkville) – OPEN
  • Homer Town Hall (31 N Main Street, Homer) – MERGED WITH HOMER FIRE/COMM
  • Homer Fire Dept/Comm Bldg (45 S. Main St, Homer) – OPEN
  • Scott Methodist Church (NYS 41, Scott) – MERGED WITH PREBLE
  • Preble Fire Station (1911 Preble Rd, Preble) -OPEN
  • Harford Town Hall (394 NYS RT 38, Harford) – MERGED WITH VIRGIL
  • Virgil Town Hall, (1176 Church St, Cortland) – OPEN
  • Lapeer Town Garage (Clarks Corners Rd, Lapeer) MERGED WITH MARATHON
  • Marathon Civic Center (16 Brinks St, Marathon) – OPEN
  • Willet Town Hall (1425 NYS 41, Willet) – MERGED WITH MARATHON
  • Truxton Fire Station (3741 NYS 13, Truxton) – OPEN****
  • Cuyler Fire Station (4917 NYS 13, Cuyler) – OPEN
  • Cincinnatus Town Hall (2770 Cincinnatus Rd, Cincinnatus) – OPEN
  • Taylor Town Hall (3304 RT 26, Cincinnatus) – MERGED WITH CINCINNATUS
  • Solon Town Hall (4012 N. Tower Rd, Cincinnatus) – OPEN
  • Freetown Town Hall (2369 McGraw-Marathon Rd, Marathon) – OPEN

Stay tuned with WXHC News for more coverage and results from the 2020 Primary Elections.

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