Truxton Academy Seeking Volunteers For Its Inaugural School Year

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Come September, Truxton Academy Charter School will open its doors to students K-2 as the first rural-themed charter school in all of New York State. They’re now seeking volunteers to join them in their historic first year.

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Volunteers will have four programming slots throughout the year to choose from. Details for a fifth program will also be made available at a later point in the school year:

The afternoon “Genius Hour Guide” and the “After School Enrichment Hour Leader” are volunteer teaching positions. The morning opportunities include the “Happy Hello Greeter” and the “Community Class Volunteer.”

More information on each of those is available below this article.

School classroom hours are from 8:30am-3:30pm, with doors open to children from 7:30am-4:30pm to support working parents, transportation arrangements, and provide enrichment opportunities for all students.

“Our enthusiastic staff are already creating new programs even before their ‘start dates,’ said Volunteer Coordinators Kay Reakes, Cathie Heath and Leaf Carmer.  “Building a completely new school environment and curriculum is an amazing undertaking for these people that are leaving typical school systems. We appreciate their dedication for wanting to teach in our unique setting.”

If your volunteering availability is limited, names are also being accepted for an occasional helping hand in the cafeteria, garden, office or teacher preparation room.

There’s currently a training scheduled for all staff and volunteers on Tuesday, August 6 and Wednesday, August 7. While not mandatory, the Academy would like its volunteers to attend at least part of the training as essential members of the school community.

To sign up as a volunteer, click here and fill out the printable volunteer interest form.

If you prefer to complete this online, please go to the following links.

For Guided Genius Hour Guide: 

For After School Enrichment Hour:


Guided Genius Hour: Fridays 12:30 – 2

Genius Hour is a recent movement in the field of education which focuses on allowing all children to develop their strengths, in other words, their own genius. Because this year we will have young children, we are doing what is called Guided Genius Hour on Fridays.

Guided Genius hour will provide a variety of 6-week sessions where students focus on one area that is of interest to them. We are looking for volunteers to offer a session where they teach their passion with students. Guided Genius Hour offerings should have an academic connection (but almost everything in the world does) and can vary widely. Sessions offered in schools with similar programming include, “Think like an engineer”, “Songs and Poems”, Author Study, “Fairytale STEM”, Lego Engineer, Origami, and more. Options could include cooking, gardening, learning another language, learning something musical, learning a specific craft, and more. The choices are endless.

Ideally each six week session ends with a culminating project or presentation where the students can share their learning. These learning opportunities are multi-age, meaning the opportunities will be open to kids in grades K through 2 so each group may have kids from anywhere in this age range.

Genius Hour: Occurs at the end of the school year Fridays 12:30 – 2

At the end of the year after having multiple opportunities to explore their interests through Guided Genius Hour sessions, students will pick their own topic of interest to them to study in depth. We need volunteers to be mentors and guides to help students plan their studies and projects. Volunteers may be assigned a particular class or group of students. This will be a 6-week session taking place at the end of the school year from May 1- June 12. Since this is the culmination of the guided genius hour, more information will come out closer to the end of the year.

After School Enrichment: once a week Monday thru Friday 3:30 – 4:30

Similar to Guided Genius Hour, we are asking for volunteers to share their passion and knowledge on a particular topic through an interactive class. Our after school sessions will change quarterly and range between 7 and 11 classes. If any volunteer’s topic requires an additional weekly session, we’d be more than happy to work twice weekly classes into the schedule. This would give you more opportunity to share your knowledge with students. Our enrichment program offers opportunities for our students to learn beyond the classroom. These opportunities will be offered to all students between grade K and 2 unless there is a specific reason that a particular offering is only appropriate for a particular age level.

Happy Hello Greeter: once a week Monday thru Friday 7:30 – 8:30

(You choose which day of the week)

We believe it is important to have students greeted personally every day when they walk in the door between 7:30 and 8:30. We would love to have one or two volunteers greet the students at the front as they enter. We can work with your schedule.

Community Class Volunteer: once a week Monday thru Friday 8:30 – 9

(You choose which day of the week)

We would love to have a volunteer go to a classroom to read with students. Our classroom schedule includes some transitional learning time between 8:30 and 9:00. In the beginning of the day, reading a story or giving a helping hand with learning activities can start student’s day with a positive mindset. We can work with your schedule.

Other Occasional Opportunities:

– Field Lesson Van Driver
– Garden Helper
– Cafeteria Helper
– Label and Sign Helper
– Copy/Laminator Helper
– Office Assistant

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