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Truxton Academy Charter School Effort Stymied Again

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The application to create the Truxton Academy Charter School (TACS) was not endorsed by the state Board of Regents at its meeting Tuesday in Albany.

The Regents cited concern over the financial impact on neighboring school districts.

Cindy Denkenberger of the Academy Applicants’ Group told X101 they will gather next week to determine what’s next. “It’s extremely disappointing. Not only for myself but for the hundreds of people, residents, businesses, educators who have supported us every step of the way.”

Homer School Superintendent Nancy Ruscio released a statement to X101 saying “I appreciate the Board of Regents very thoughtful deliberation on the Truxton Academy Charter School. The Board of Regents voiced some of the same concerns the District had voiced.”

Denkenberger believes the decision will impact many in her community. “Our loss is their loss, and, I can’t express how deeply I regard all of their support and encouragement every step of the way.”

But the effort to install a Charter School in the Truxton Community Center may not be finished. “Our Applicants’ Group will meet this next week and we will make a decision on what, when, and how to go forward,” said Denkenberger.

Ruscio observes that the Regents heard the pleas from neighboring school districts, concerned about the Charter School impact on finances. “They (The Board of Regents) indicated the Truxton Academy Charter School curriculum was not innovative, and they worried that a charter would drain resources from their surrounding districts, potentially forcing schools to cut extracurricular programs from traditional schools.”

Ruscio says when all governments are trying to do more with less, the use of resources is an issue, “…and that has been our concern from the very beginning. I thought the Board of Regents was very thoughtful in their deliberation and we appreciate that.”

The Academy’s Board of Directors issued a statement grateful for the support it felt and promises to quote “move forward in the direction that will benefit us all the most.”

Denkenberger added, “There are options and we do have support, even at the highest levels, to continue our efforts, but, we’re a small community with limited resources. We have to make our decisions carefully.”

The TACS Board plans to meet next week.

“I do understand how hard this group worked something that they believed in,” said Superintendent Ruscio.

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