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Traffic Study Calls For Removal of Traffic Lights on Cortland’s East End

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An independent traffic study calls for the removal of three traffic signals in Cortland.

Cortland City leaders are considering the removal of the traffic lights at the intersection of Greenbush Street and Central Ave, Greenbush and Elm Street, and Pomeroy Street at Elm Street.

The poles holding up the traffic lights are failing and allowing the signals to sag, making them prone to strikes from big trucks.

City Deputy DPW Chief Nick Dovi says it will cost nearly $120 thousand dollars to replace all three signals. Instead, Dovi has proposed install two way or four way stop signs with flashing LED lights at a maximum cost of about $24 thousand dollars.

Removing the lights drew concerns from residents and elected officials which prompted the $10 thousand dollar traffic study.

The study evaluated each intersection based on traffic volume, accident data, and 7 other criteria. The Greenbush and Elm intersection showed 14 accidents over three years, the highest among all three intersections.

Dovi says the study shows stop signs could improve safety in the intersections.

Dovi did recommend that if the light at Greenbush and Central Ave is removed, a pedestrian crosswalk be installed due to the volume of foot traffic around the county office building.

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