Tonight’s Legislative Session Will Include ‘Presentation on the State of Cortland County’

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The Cortland County Legislature will hold a legislative session at 6:00 tonight (April 25).

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Added late to the agenda and leading off the meeting, a “presentation by Marathon Village Mayor William McGovern on the State of Cortland County, Operational Planning, and a Path Moving Forward for the Legislature.”

Were also expecting the appointment of a new director of Budget and Finance, as a name was approved at their last committee meeting.

The Legislature will also vote to send an official opposition to Albany of NY Senate Bill S2837 and Assembly Bill A2750 to Enact the Farmworkers Fair Labor Practices Act.

This law would require farms to pay their workers overtime after 40 hours, which no other state in the U.S. currently employs and would cost New York farmers an additional $299 million in labor costs,–a more than 17% increase.

The legislature will also take a vote on everything that made it through committee meetings this month so it will be a busy session tonight.

The full agenda is available online at

Make sure you tune into tomorrow’s Morning Drive with Vincente Bellardini¬†for the details.

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