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Tompkins’ Sheriff Warns Of Telephone Scam

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The Tompkins County Sheriff’s Office has received complaints about phone calls allegedly made on behalf of the Tompkins County Sheriff’s Office.

In a post on its Facebook page, the Sheriff says “These calls are coming in from local numbers and using current personnel names in an attempt to solicit money.”

According to information provided by the Sheriff, the callers are using a variety of reasons for the call; “missed court dates”, “summons”, “warrant of arrest”, etc…

The Sheriff says if you receive a suspicious call asking for such funds to be “transferred”, “given via gift card”, or “meeting up at a specific location”, please hang up.

As with similar scams (such as the IRS scam), the Sheriff’s Office will not contact you asking for these kinds of funds.

Link: Tompkins County Sheriff’s Advisory on Telephone Scam

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