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Tompkins County Considers Inmate Re-entry Plan

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Tompkins County may spend $100,000 for jail inmates to prepare to re-enter society.

The recommendation follows a year-long study from a county Alternatives to Incarceration Board.

The county wants to help released inmates better use county services, to ease their adjustment into society and keep them from returning to jail.

Non-profit organizations will help administer the program, and the plan includes some money for job skills training.

State Jail Review

The Tompkins County Jail was reviewed by the state Department of Corrections, similar to state reviews of the Cortland County Jail.

The state extended permission for Tompkins county to house 18 more inmates than its listed 82-bed capacity, but only for two months, rather than the usual six.

The state advised the county it needs to come up with a plan to increase capacity if the variances will be allowed to continue.

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