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Today is General Election Day: See What’s at Stake in Cortland County

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Today is General Election Day (November 5), which follows the first year of early voting across the state that more than 256k New Yorkers took advantage of, according to unofficial numbers by the NYS Board of Elections.

The tally includes 776 confirmed early voters in Cortland County.

If you’re not on that list, you can still vote today at your normal polling place from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Every vote will be critical in deciding nine contested seats on the County Legislature, which could potentially sway a long-held Republican majority if enough seats turn Democrat.

Here’s a list of those races:

L.D. 2 (City of Cortland)

Democratic: Beau A.C. Harbin (incumbent)
Republican: Thomas A. Larson

L.D. 5 (City of Cortland)

Democratic: Susan M. Wilson
Republican: Laurie J. Comfort (won Republican nomination in primary)
Conservative Chad A. Poli (incumbent; lost Republican nod to Comfort)
Voice Of The People: Laurie J. Comfort

L.D. 6 (City of Cortland)

Democratic: Richard L. Stock (incumbent; replaced Mary Ann Discenza following resignation in January)
Republican Paul A. Lorenzo

L.D. 10 (Town & Village of Homer)

Democratic: Julie C. McChesney
Republican: Kelly L. Preston (incumbent)
Conservative Kelly L. Preston

L.D. 11 (West Cortland)

Democratic: Pamela J. Jenkins
Republican: Christopher B. Newell (incumbent)

L.D. 12 (McGraw)

Democratic: Michael K. Barylski (I)
Republican: Joseph L. Nauseef

L.D. 13 (South Cortland)

Democratic: Adrianne J. Traub
Republican: Eugene P. Waldbauer (I/s) Whitney not running

L.D. 16 (Truxton/Cuyler)

Democratic: Richard J. Nauseef, Jr
Republican: Paul R. Heider (incumbent)

L.D. 17 (Cincinnatus/Freetown)

Republican: Mitchel D. Eccleston
Conservative: Joan I. Coombs (incumbent)
Family Values: Heath A. Phillips

There’s also a write-in election for county treasurer this year, currently being sought for by John Banowicz, Donnell Boyden and Gerry Ruggiero.

Additionally, county residents will vote on a proposition to raise the term of county legislators from two years to four.

Other races:

The city of Cortland’s 7th Ward did have a contest, when challenger James Hawley announced he would run against incumbent Troy Beckwith. However, Hawley’s since dropped out of the race, but failed to do so before the exit deadline, so his name will still technically be on the ballot.

The town of Cortlandville has contested races for town supervisor, town justice and two alderpersons:


Democratic: Douglas E. Withey
Republican: Thomas A. Williams
Conservative: Thomas A. Williams


Republican: Mary Beth Mathey
Conservative: Mary Beth Mathey
Independence: Robert J. DeMarco


Democratic: Robert R. Martin
Democratic: Donna M. Johnson
Republican: Jay E. Cobb
Republican: Theodore V. Testa (incumbent)
Conservative: Theodore V. Testa

Councilperson to fill a vacancy:

Democratic: Bekkie Bryan
Republican: Jeffrey D. Guido

Five candidates will also vie for spots on the State Supreme Court in the sixth judicial district, where voters need to select three choices to fill vacancies on the bench:

-Pete Charnetsky (Broome County/Democratic)
-Claudette Y. Newman (Otsego County/Democratic)
-Chris Baker (Chemung County/Republican, Conservative, Independence)
-Oliver N. Blaise, III (Broome County/Republican, Conservative, Independence)
-Mark Masler (Cortland County/Republican, Conservative, Independence)

WXHC News will have the preliminary results posted as soon as they become available tonight.

Now get out and vote to have your voice heard – and of course, don’t forget to grab yourself some delicious pancakes at the Cortland Elks on Groton Avenue from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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