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Tips on Saving on Gas


Besides the obvious of just not driving, or buying a horse there are helpful ways to help you save money on gas. Currently, the average price of a gallon of gas in Cortland County is $5.00 with diesel being $6.31 a gallon.

“After being stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are looking forward to traveling this summer, but we are facing sky-high gas prices,” said Secretary of State Robert J. Rodriguez.

Cents at the Pump:

  • WAIT until your gas gauge reads ¼ tank before filling up in warmer weather. Your vehicle gets better gas mileage with a lighter load and keeping the tank full can waste money.
  • CHOOSE the lowest octane recommended for your car.
  • COMPARE the price advertised on the gas station’s sign and on the pump to make sure they are the same. If not, ask which price is the one you would actually be paying.
  • DOUBLE CHECK that the price per gallon remains the same throughout the entire time you are pumping. Be aware if the price per gallon changes or the number turns back or advances quickly.

On the Road:

  • CUT BACK on needless driving around. Make lists of errands and try to have them all in similar locations.
  • MAINTAIN your vehicle in good condition. Your vehicle will get better gas mileage if you have the oil changed and tire pressure checked regularly. Get a tune-up from a certified mechanic.
  • CLEAN out your vehicle and carry only what is necessary. Extra weight in your car lowers your gas mileage. Consider removing roof racks and towing devices mounted on the outside of the vehicle when not in use.
  • CHANGE your driving habits. Your vehicle will get better gas mileage if you do not accelerate fast or overuse your brakes, commonly referred to as “riding your brakes.” To save gas, stay at or under the speed limit, and drive at a consistent rate of speed. Consider using cruise control when practicable, and do not idle your car in a parking lot or driveway.

Another useful tip is to see if a gas station has a rewards card that offers a discount on gas when used or if your credit card has a higher reward level when using it at the gas station.

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