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The Who Gearing Up For Live Orchestral Teamup

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2019 is proving to be a historic year for the Who as Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey not only release the band’s first new studio set in 13 years, but will be backed on the road by a local orchestra at every stop. Pete Townshend told us that although both he and Daltrey have performed on their own in orchestral settings, it’s the risk of doing it as the Who that’s most exciting: “That’s why this year, this thing coming up — I mean, if we were just doing what we did on the last tour, I mean there really wouldn’t be a point in having this conversation. It would be, we’d be going out and doing the same thing that we did last time. So, what’s different is that we’re really challenging ourselves, I think, with this thing. But, I think, doing it together is doing to be dangerous. And I think it’s going to be audacious and exciting and (laughs) it could go incredibly wrong and it could go incredibly well — we really don’t know.”

During his recent Q&A on the “Rock Legends Cruise 6,” Roger Daltrey explained how he insisted on having the upcoming orchestral arrangements play an integral part of the concerts: “Well, Pete’s music suits an orchestra much more — I mean, I’ve seen many rock bands with orchestras, but mostly the orchestras are playing something that could be played on a synthesizer. I don’t want and orchestra to do that. I want and orchestra to be dynamic, I want them to be melodic, I want them to be surprising — I want them to really push the music to a different level.”

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