The List Of The Worst Things To Eat While Watching The ‘Big Game’

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Not that you’ll really care about it on Super Bowl Sunday, but nutritionists have come up with a list of the worst things you can eat while watching the game.

The list includes:

Buffalo wings, which weigh in at 500 calories and 34 grams of fat in a five-piece serving.

If you have a slice of the Meat Lover’s pizza someone orders from Pizza Hut, you’ll pile on 440 calories and 23 grams of fat.

Five tiny franks in a blanket from Hebrew National have 310 calories with 25 grams of fat…and more if you add condiments.

However, the worst offender could be chips and dip as one serving with a half-cup of French onion dip runs around 400 calories with 30 grams of fat.

That doesn’t even include the beer you’ll likely drink, which is notorious for adding inches to your waistline, hence the term ‘beer belly.’

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