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The Kinks Ray Davies Has Released New Song Titled, ‘The Big Guy’

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Ray Davies, the frontman for British rock back The Kinks, released a new song based on reflections of waking up in the hospital with gunshot wounds, according to The song is called, “The Big Guy,” and it comes from his newly released solo album, Our Country: Americana Act II.

Davies was shot in the leg while chasing thieves in New Orleans in January of 2004, which he chronicled in his book Americana, from 2013.

In an interview with Cerys Matthews, she asks about the song, and Davies explains, “The big guys in the book are my bodyguards, a guy called Tony and a guy called Bobby. The song is about them and what they meant to me, because I have a tendency to self-destruct on tours, like most musicians. Tony was under instructions that if I had more than two pints he could break my arm – or threaten to.”

Davies delivers great lyrics based on both Bobby and Tony in the song, “He saved my ass back in ’82, when I acted such a silly boy,” he sings.

In the end, the song has a double-meaning, as many of Davies’ lyrics often do. “’The big guy’ alludes to God, of course,” he said in the interview. As Davies said in the lyrics at the end of the song, “You’re never alone, as long as ‘The Big Guy’ is there.”

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