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The Beatles Vinyl Christmas Box Set Out Today

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Released today (December 15th) is a limited-edition box set of the “Fab Four’s” classic Christmas holiday messages, titled The Beatles Christmas Records. The limited edition set includes seven individual, seven-inch colored vinyl singles, one for each of the seven messages. The greetings were originally given only to fan club members on flexi-discs between 1963 and 1969 and have never been released as a set before, though one was made available as part of The Beatles Rock Band video game, and in 1970 they were collected on a Apple Records LP pressing including all the messages from ’63 to ’69.

The first five messages are one-sided discs, while the last two are double-sided. Each single includes a sleeve with the original artwork from the fan club discs, along with a 16-page booklet with recording notes and reproductions of the fan club newsletters.

The seven holiday messages included in the set are The Beatles Christmas Record (1963); Another Beatles Christmas Record (1964); The Beatles Third Christmas Record (1965); Pantomime — Everywhere It’s Christmas (1966); Christmas Time (Is Here Again) (1967); The Beatles Sixth Christmas Record (1968); and The Beatles Seventh Christmas Record (1969).

During his final in-depth TV interview in 1975 on NBC’s Tomorrow Show, John Lennon explained that a major part of his and the Beatles’ allure was the fact that they were never ashamed of their Liverpool roots — and humor: “We were the first working class singers that stayed working class, and pronounced it. ‘Didn’t try to change our accents, which in England were looked down upon — probably still are — like a Bronx accent, it’s the equivalent to that.”

Photo Courtesy of Apple Corps/Richard Avedon

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