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Suben Announces Candidacy For Third Term

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On Thursday, May 12, Republican local attorney Pat Perfetti announced his run for Cortland County District Attorney.

As he announced his candidacy, Perfetti brought up his opponent’s lie to reporters in the final week of the campaign four years ago, stating he wouldn’t make an issue of it at his announcement.

Declaring his candidacy a week later, DA Mark Suben admitted what he did.

“I’m human. Humans make mistakes. As your DA, I would submit to you that I’ve made relatively few mistakes, and I’m happy to be able to say that. But, as a human, I’m just as human as anybody else.”

Perfetti also suggested the DA’s office was lax on drug offenders.

“He knows very well that we’re not lax. He went to trial against us last year and there was a three defendant meth case and all of the defendants, including his client, were convicted.”

Suben Thursday stood on the closed-for-repairs steps of the Courthouse to announce his campaign for election to a third term.

One topic already raised by his opponent is how drug crimes are handled.

Suben says his office encourages the use of addiction treatment programs.

“We’ve been doing that right along. We encourage people to get treatment for their addictions to the extent that the crimes they commit are caused primarily by the addictions.”

Suben said he looks forward to opportunities to discuss how he runs the District Attorney’s office.

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