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Street Light Conversion In Homer May Save Money Sooner

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Mayor Hal McCabe, Village of Homer

Count the Village and possibly the Town of Homer in on a new state program to convert street lights to energy-saving LED technology by 2025.

Smart Street Lighting NY was announced Monday, and hopes to convert street lights in Homer, and a half-million others around the state.

The idea is to save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the quality of light, possibly making communities safer.

The Mayor of Homer was working on Monday’s holiday. He told X101 the conversion is underway in the village.

The Mayor says one holdup is from National Grid and the PSC got involved in December. McCabe is optimistic that new purchase options could lower the cost.

In face, McCabe says the conversion to LED lighting could be – net cash positive as he put it – in the first year.

For the village, the loan to cover conversion costs would be paid off within 8 years and annual savings could be $60,000-$120,000.

The Mayor learned more from the New York Power Authority a week ago at the state conference of mayors.

McCabe likes the savings, the quality of LED light, its reliability and flexibility for the light to be adjusted to the need.

Watch: Smart Street Lighting NY Program

Link: Smart Street Lighting NY Program Information

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