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Steve Perry Suing To Keep 1991 Demos Unreleased

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Fresh off the release of his Top 10 comeback album, Traces, Steve Perry has filed suit to block the release of a batch of his 1991 demos. The former-Journey frontman is suing musician Phil Brown to prevent the eight-track demo tapes they recorded in Brown’s garage from seeing official release. According to the legal filings, Perry paid Brown $1,5000 to record the songs, and states that the tracks were recorded at a low quality and, quote, “he did not perform them as he would if the recordings were intended for public release.” Perry’s suit demands that Brown is barred from issuing the tracks as well as seeking “unspecified damages.”

The suit claims Brown’s manager took to social media and “promoted the release of an album with the unreleased music.”

The Blast reported in detail the contents of Perry filings, and explained that in the documents, Perry accuses Phil Brown of “deceptively associating Perry with Brown and his band, falsely implying that Plaintiff is a member of Brown’s band, and threatening to release certain old vocal performances of Perry as part of Brown’s band’s release, even though Perry owns all intellectual property rights in said vocal performances, Brown abandoned any claim to those performances in 2002, and Perry has repeatedly demanded that Brown not release those works.”

The lawsuit goes on to say, “By intentionally using Perry’s image and misleadingly implying that Perry has authorized or approved Brown’s conduct, and that Perry is a member of Brown’s band just as Perry’s solo Traces album is in wide release and garnering significant publicity, Brown is seeking to confuse and mislead Perry’s fans and the consuming public into believing that Brown is associated with Perry when he is not, to induce them to purchase Brown’s music rather than Perry’s.”

Now that Steve Perry is back and riding high on the success of his comeback album, we asked him point blank if he was aware of how much his fans were clamoring for new music from him over the past 25 years: “Honestly, no. I had to have the strength to keep walking away from it and not look back. I didn’t build in a back door, like, ‘If this doesn’t work out, I can always go back to the band.’ No, no. I kind of had to build in a strong conviction, trying to find some string emotional, logical, and spiritual way for me to just build me up from the ground up again.”

Photo Courtesy of Myriam Santos

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