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State toughens up on phased reopening violators

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Yesterday, Governor Cuomo strengthened enforcement of the state’s phased reopening to ensure compliance from businesses and individuals in each region.

He issued a new executive order that expands the jurisdiction of the State Liquor Authority (SLA) to hold bars and restaurants more accountable for use of their sidewalks and other outdoor areas.

Violators are subject to immediate loss of their liquor license and a potential shutdown order.

Cuomo also urged local governments to do better with ensuring their communities are following the rules.

“As we go through the phases the responsibilities of the local governments increase. The state cannot do enforcement on these local issues all across the state. I would, we don’t have enough people. SLA doesn’t have enough investigators.¬†We need the local governments to do their part,” Cuomo said. “And I know nobody likes to be the bearer of bad news. It’s not bad news. When people follow the rules the infection rate stays down. That’s called good news.”

The governor also announced the state will issue guidance to colleges and universities that would allow a limited return to in-person learning and on-campus housing for the fall semester.

He added that more data are needed between now and September to make a final decision.

Campuses must develop a plan that attests they’ll meet the state’s guidelines and have it approved before they can reopen doors to students.

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