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State Inspector General Launches Investigation Into Prison Break

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As the search for two missing killers who escaped from a prison in Northern New York drags on into a second week Gov. Andrew Cuomo has told the New York State Inspector General to launch initiate an investigation into how they broke out.

Inspector General Catherine Leahy Scott was asked Monday to look into factors that could have led to the escape of inmates Richard Matt and David Sweat.

Cuomo said, “Capturing these killers and returning them to custody is the top priority – however, it’s critically important to examine the circumstances that enabled these inmates to escape in the first place.”

The inspector general will be looking into issues like prison design, operations and security. She is to report back on what steps need to be taken to help ensure this situation is not repeated.

Multiple reports say the two men were aided in their escape by a prison employee. 51-year-old Joyce Mitchell is accused of sneaking items to the pair to aid in the escape.

In exchange, they were to kill her husband and she would drive them to Vermont. The convicts used tools that were stored in the prison due to on-going renovations.

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