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Spectrum TV, Cable and Internet Rates Set to Go Up This Month

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Customers of Spectrum TV, cable and internet will soon get a more expensive monthly bill, as the company announced rate increases for all three services taking effect beginning in this month’s billing cycle.

According to Spectrum officials, Select, Silver and Gold TV plans are set to increase by $7.50 a month each.

Broadcast TV surcharges are also going up $1.51 a month to $13.50, which are the charges Spectrum applies to carry local stations.

Additionally, the monthly cable box rental price will jump 49 cents to $7.99 per receiver. Internet-only customers will also see a $4 increase to $69.99/month.

Those with special promotional rates will continue to receive them on their cable plan until the discounts expire, but afterwards the rate increases for both the broadcast surcharge and cable box rental will take effect immediately.

Customers should refer back to their monthly statement for a detailed description of specific changes to their bill.

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