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Solo Album Flop Led AC/DC Druumer To Issue Death Threat

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Disappointment over the response to his debut solo album may have put AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd on the path to threatening to kill a former employee, a charge to which Rudd pleaded guilty on Tuesday (April 21st) in a New Zealand courtroom. According to CNN, Rudd was disappointed in the sales of his first solo effort, Head Job, and fired several employees last fall after the album came out and flopped. It was a month later that he called an associate and asked him to “take out” Rudd’s personal assistant, who Rudd then called himself and said, “I’m going to come over and kill you.”

Rudd offered the associate $200,000, a motorbike and the choice of one of his cars or a house as payment for the hit, which the associate turned down.

After his initial call to his assistant, Rudd made several more but the assistant hung up each time. Prosecutors said that the assistant “was genuinely fearful of his safety.”

When police later raided Rudd’s waterside home in the New Zealand town of Tauranga, they spoke with him in his lounge. At one point he picked up a container from the coffee table and put it on the floor. Later testing of the container found cannabis crumbs.

When police searched his jeans, they found a similar bag of methamphetamine. There were more drugs in the bedroom and stashed in the hallway cupboard.

Rudd also pleaded guilty to a drug possession charge. A second charge of threatening to kill was dropped. Rudd could face up to seven years in prison for the threatening to kill charge. He is currently out on bail until his sentencing hearing on June 26th.

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