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Solid Waste Committee Extends County Flow Control Law

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The Cortland County Solid Waste Committee met yesterday (September 11) and voted to extend the flow control law it put in place last year.

One amendment was proposed and passed by board member Michael K. Barylski, who suggested striking the phrase “or approved County landfill facility” from a clause describing where solid waste from the County would be accepted.

“The County landfill is the only approved landfill facility we have here,” Barylski said at the meeting. “That language leaves a loophole in the legislation that we need closed.”

X101 News recently discussed the issue with Eric Mulvihill, clerk for the County legislature, who highlighted the importance of Cortland County’s trash being disposed at its own landfill.

“A landfill is a taxpayer-funded resource,” he said. “Therefore, there’s a certain presumption that it will be supported by user fees and the waste that goes into the landfill.”

Mulvihill also touched on the issue of commingled loads, which happen when waste hauler trucks have to pick up in neighboring counties.

“It’s an area our law department is looking to address because we are looking for compliance; we are looking for the law to be followed and the revenues to be there to support the landfill into the future.”



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