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Snow Removal Service Returns to Village of Homer Residents

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Mayor Hal McCabe and the Village Board of Trustees have announced the return of sidewalk snow removal service this year to residents of the Village of Homer.

This service was provided to village residents many years ago but was eliminated, likely as a move to save taxpayers money.

The village has purchased a specialized sidewalk snow removal tractor called the ‘Ventrac 4500’ from CNY Farm Supply. The machine can utilize either a specialized brush, a plow, or for heavy storms, a snow blower on the front, as well as a salt spreader on the back.

Many other local cities, towns, villages and schools use the Ventrac, which will cost the village about $49,000 and is expected to last about 10 years. To pay for it, the Village will use reserve funds, which it has in excess of what is recommended by the office of the NY State Comptroller.

Mayor Hal McCabe:

“Village residents pay a high tax burden, and with Cortland County poised to raise everyone’s taxes, we felt it was important to give our residents more services for what they already pay. This service, for many residents, especially our elderly population, will amount to essentially a tax cut, as they won’t need to hire someone to shovel the sidewalk this year.”

The Village of Homer Department of Public Works will once again be responsible for clearing all public sidewalks. The village is in the process of creating a priority plan for which walks to clear first.

There will be no tax increase required to provide this service.


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