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Signature Pete Townsend Fender Stratocaster Announced

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Who aficionados better start saving up — Fender guitars has just announced its limited edition Custom Shop Stratocaster designed in collaboration with Pete Townshend. The guitar, which is based on the specs from Townshend’s signature live guitar since 1999, will be issued in a limited run of 75 units, pricing out at $6,500. posted: “The guitar is based on a number of modded Eric Clapton Signature Stratocasters Townshend has used on tour since the late ’80s. What makes Townshend’s special is the addition of a piezo pickup element — in this case a Fishman Powerbridge system — to add more acoustic sounds to the instrument. Townshend’s originals and the new tribute model include a fourth control knob on the body to blend the acoustic and electric signals. Like the Clapton Signature it’s built around, the new Townshend model includes a triple set of Lace Sensor Gold single-coil pickups, and struts a standard set of Strat specs like a soft V neck profile and maple fretboard.”

Although Pete Townshend has taken great care in the volume he subjects himself to when onstage, he told us that he’s actually playing guitar just as hard — if not harder — during the Who’s recent performances: “I’ve always had to use very heavy strings and a high action. And the reason for that is simply is because of the sheer force which I play. The downside for that for me is that it’s damn hard to play a solo — it’s damn hard to play a solo that sounds like a solo. I have to find new ways of playing, and I’m finding new ways every day. A lot of it is about hitting the guitar with harder force. But if I don’t use heavy strings, I break strings every 15 seconds. If I use the same kind of strings as someone like Eddie Van Halen, I wouldn’t get through the first song.”

October 6 – Santa Barbara, CA – Santa Barbara Bowl
October 9 – Indio, CA – Desert Trip at Empire Polo Club
October 12 – Mexico City, Mexico – Palacio De Los Deportes
October 16 – Indio, CA – Desert Trip at Empire Polo Club

Photo Courtesy of Rick Diamond

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