Seward Announces Opposition Of Recently Passed Farm Labor Bill

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State Senator James Seward yesterday (June 19) spoke from the Senate Floor in opposition of the recently passed Farm Labor Bill.

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“Earlier this year, the New York City-centric senate leadership blocked Amazon and 25,000 jobs from coming to our state. Now they are killing off existing jobs by targeting our state’s number one industry – agriculture.

The labor bill approved today will be another crushing blow for our already struggling family farms. High energy costs, low milk prices, never ending regulations, and out of control property taxes are just some of the obstacles our farmers deal with every day.

This bad legislation is opposed by the New York Farm Bureau and a host of agricultural advocates. Farming is a unique business and must be treated as such. Plain and simple – this bill will plow more family farms under.”

Seward says this new law will increase operating costs of New York farms by an estimated $300 million.

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