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See the Contested Local Races Ahead of Tomorrow’s Start of Early Voting

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Tomorrow’s (October 26) the first day of early voting in New York, giving residents nine extra days before the General Election on November 5 to cast their ballots.

Those in Cortland County can do so at the County Board of Elections, 14 River Street in Cortland, where polls will be open both this Saturday/Sunday and next (October 25-26, November 2-3) from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Voting will also run Monday, Wednesday and Friday (October 28, 30; November 1) from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., as well as Tuesday/Thursday (October 29, 31) from 12 to 8 p.m.

Residents can also vote on Election Day Tuesday, November 5, during the normal 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. hours at their typical place voting place.

Currently, there are nine contested races for seats on the County Legislature, as well as a write-in election for the county treasurer vacancy:

L.D. 2

Democratic: Beau Harbin
Republican: Thomas Larson

L.D. 5
Democratic: Susan Wilson
Republican: Laurie Comfort

L.D. 6
Democratic: Richard Stock
Republican: Paul Lorenzo

L.D. 10
Democratic Julie C. McChesney
Republican Kelly L. Preston (Also on Conservative line)

L.D. 11
Democratic Pamela J. Jenkins
Republican Christopher B. Newell

L.D. 12
Democratic Michael K. Barylski
Republican Joseph L. Nauseef (also on Conservative)
Just The Facts Michael K. Barylski

L.D. 13
Democratic Adrianne J. Traub
Republican Eugene P. Waldbauer

L.D. 16
Democratic Richard J. Nauseef, Jr
Republican Paul R. Heider

L.D. 17
Conservative Joan I. Coombs
Family Values Heath A. Phillips
Mitchel D. Eccleston is also running on the Republican line in LD 17, but has indicated he will not be participating.

**There’s also a county-wide proposition to consider raising the term of legislators from two years to four.

The city of Cortland’s 7th Ward did have a contest when challenger James Hawley announced he would run against incumbent Troy Beckwith, however Hawley’s since dropped out of the race even though his name will still be on the ballot.

Cortlandville has contested races for town supervisor, town justice and two alderpersons:

Democratic Douglas E. Withey
Republican Thomas A. Williams
Conservative Thomas A. Williams

Republican Mary Beth Mathey
Conservative Mary Beth Mathey
Independence Robert J. DeMarco

Democratic Robert R. Martin
Democratic Donna M. Johnson
Republican Jay E. Cobb

Councilperson to fill a vacancy:
Democratic Bekkie Bryan
Republican Jeffrey D. Guido
Republican, Conservsative Theodore V. Testa


Candidates who are listed twice are either running under more than one party’s ticket or are uncontested in their election.

Now get out and vote to have your voice heard – and of course, don’t forget to grab yourself some delicious pancakes at the Cortland Elks on Election Day!


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