School budget votes & BOE elections held today (location details inside)

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Today, local school districts across Cortland County  put their annual budgets up for a vote among residents.

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Many held informational hearings planned beforehand to allow for community input.

All budget votes also include ballots to elect open Board of Education seats.

In most cases, absentee ballots are available.

See below for in-person voting details at each district:


  • 12-9 pm at the Virgil Town Hall, Cortlandville Town Hall, or Kaufman Center
  • Open BOE seats – 4


  • 7 am-9 pm in the HTEC
  • Open BOE seats – 3


  • 12-9 pm in HS room 107
  • Open BOE seats – 2


  • 12-9 pm at the High School
  • Open BOE seats – 3


  • 11:30 am – 8:30 pm in CCS large gymnasium foyer
  • Open BOE seats – 2

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