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Schneiderman Wants You To Check – Was Your Name Hijacked At The FCC?

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Many of the comments received by the FCC on net neutrality are bogus.

Names are used that never sent in comments.

Some are from New York. We found at least 8 comments from Cortland – any of which could be legit.

But enough are phony to prompt action from the State Attorney General.

NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman

Eric Schneiderman has a website where you can search for your name. Let him know if your name and address was used without your permission.

Schneiderman hopes the FCC will delay its vote next week until the investigation into the fictitious comments is finished.

A.G. Encourages New Yorkers to Check if Their Identity was Misused and Report It to His Office at

Attorney General Schneiderman urges New Yorkers to continue to check whether their identity was misused and report it to his office in order to inform the investigation.

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