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Safe Zone Training Aimed At Allies, Minority Groups

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The Cortland LGBTQ Center offers Safe Zone training Thursday afternoon.

Courtney Stafford is one of the instructors and says the goal is to help allies create safe affirming spaces for the LGBTQ community. “Ally is a verb, it’s not a noun, so it takes action on behalf of the person supporting the group. And essentially, what we hope to show through this is ways that individuals can keep on top of current events and support people through that.”

Stafford believes the training may help participants speak up. “We’ve all been in situations at work where we know someone has something a little “icky” but we didn’t speak up, because we simply didn’t know how, and we’re hopefully going to be able to provide an outlet for that.”

The training can assist other minorities. “To provide strategies to stand up for different communities – specifically, obviously, our niche is LGBTQ, but the same principle can really transcend across all minority groups.”

Safe Zone sites will be identified in Cortland by signs as they are developed.

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