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Roger Daltry Talks Open Marriage, The ‘Me Too’ Movement, Hendrix, & Townsend

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Roger Daltrey is hardly one to pull punches or hold back from speaking his mind. Daltrey talked in detail about his 51-year-romance and 46-year marriage to wife Heather Taylor. Daltrey, who’ll release his latest solo set, As Long As I Have You, on June 1st, spoke candidly on his infamous open marriage, telling The Daily Mail, “When your husband is on the road with the world’s biggest rock n’ roll band, she knew what business I was in. Was she ever going to believe me coming back from a three-month tour that I’d been a good boy? I mean, come on. Men are men. No one needed to say anything, it was all open and it worked. That kind of relationship worked for the aristocracy for centuries. It’s remarkable that we have survived, but we’ve survived because she understood.”

Daltrey and Taylor — who are now grandparents from their three adult children — have stuck together when so many rock marriages have fallen by the wayside. Daltrey admitted that his womanizing ways have bruised the relationship: “It’s not been all easy and there have been times when I’ve hurt her and that’s upset me, but you can’t go backwards, you have to go forwards. We’ve hung in there and what I love about being married this long is you get the value-added. . . It’s not just a lust thing. It’s just as important but it’s a different caring, a different nurturing. I love it because it’s another life lesson. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her. I think the world of her.”

Daltrey spoke about competing for Taylor’s affections from the great Jimi Hendrix — who famously wrote “Foxey Lady” about her: “Jimi was always after Heather, even though he was going out with her best friend. But he didn’t get her. I did.”

Daltrey also took a bash at the “Me Too” movement — at least when concerning musicians, asking, “Why would any rock star need to push themselves on women? Usually it’s the other way around. I’d like to have one pound for every woman that screws my a**. Mick Jagger would be a billionaire out of it. If it was going to be in the rock business, it would’ve been out by now. It would’ve been out a long time ago. I find this whole thing so obnoxious. It’s always allegations and it’s just salacious crap. Like the allegations against Pete (Townshend) when he got arrested. He didn’t have anything on his computer at all. He was accused of downloading, accused of this and accused of that. They never found one f***ing thing on 35 computers. It’s a joke.”

Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend recently recalled one of the tougher aspects of Daltrey’s cinematic portrayal of the deaf, dumb, and blind Tommy Walker in Ken Russell’s 1975 film version of Tommy: “(Daltrey) I had the nightmare of having Ann-Margret as a mother (laughter), and I was. . . (Townshend) And there was no breast-feeding allowed (laughter). (Daltrey) I know, no breast-feeding allowed. And it was an incredibly difficult acting part looking at Ann-Margret every day as my mother, and I was a rampant raving sex maniac (laughs), and I had to be her son. (Townshend) I love that past tense (laughter).”

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