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Roger Daltry: Pete Townsend Saved His Solo Album

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Roger Daltrey is already receiving raves for his just-released solo album As Long As I Have You — but he revealed to us that if not for Pete Townshend, he would’ve scrapped it. The sessions for the album stretch back a few years — with Daltrey originally considering the song “Certified Rose” for a Who project — and originally thought that some of the tunes could be worked up as a Who covers album to serve as a followup to 2006’s Endless Wire.

Daltrey, who kicks off his solo tour on Friday (June 8th), in which he’ll perform Tommy in its entirety, explained that it was Townshend’s urging that saw the new album through to the finish line: “And I just lost the momentum of it and didn’t like what I was hearing and I just thought it’s not a good idea and I was going to shelve it. And then unbeknown to me, my management sent it out to Pete — ’cause they were still enthusiastic about it and so were the record company. And Pete called me up; it was him that convinced me to carry on. He loved it! He said, ‘This is great, Roger — you’ve got to finish it!’ And then he offered to play guitar on it and that was the clincher for me, because, as you might know, he’s my favorite guitarist.”

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