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Roger Daltrey Slams AC/DC For Replacing Brian Johnson

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Roger Daltrey has lent credence to many AC/DC fans’ opinion that Brian Johnson was fired from the band, rather than selflessly stepping down from his frontman role due to hearing loss. Daltrey spoke candidly about the situation, telling “I mean I really feel badly for Brian. It must be heartbreaking for him after all the service he’s given that band over the years. I thought their farewell statement to the press and to Brian was fairly curt to say the least. I felt for him. That must have hurt. I’ve spoken to Brian. He’s got loads of other things he wants to do in his life. I think AC/DC will miss Brian much more than Brian will miss AC/DC. There you go. What do you expect from Australians? (laughs) . . . And he’s such a lovely guy, Brian. I’ve known him for 40 odd years, more. . . I mean, go and see karaoke with Axl Rose? Give me a break. (Laughs).”

Daltrey, who along with Pete Townshend, has dealt with hearing issues for decades, was asked about the state of his ears today: “My hearing’s dreadful. We’re all going deaf. We’re all wearing hearing aids. No it’s true. I suggest to everybody over the age of 50 that have been going to loud concerts for years and years and years, go and have your hearing tested. You’d be surprised what you’re missing. It’s unbelievable. Most people over the age of 60 are lip-reading. (Laughs) And it’s all our fault!”

A while back, Roger Daltrey shed light on the troubling state of Pete Townshend’s hearing loss: “Pete has got — and this is not a joke — he has got serious problems with his ears. He’s now down to hearing, y’know, two hearing aids. There are technical problems that we have to get ’round to be able to play live — in a long show. My ears will probably go before my voice.”

The Who will next perform on April 26th at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre.

AC/DC kicks off their next set of dates — and first with Axl Rose — on May 7th in Lisbon, Portugal.

Photo Courtesy of Rick Diamond

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