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Rod Stewart Eying Duets Project With Bonnie Raitt

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Rod Stewart is already looking forward to his next recording project, despite his new album having not even been released. Rod, who’ll release his 30th studio set, titled Blood Red Roses on September 28th, told Uncut that he’s leaning towards a “sparse and intimate recording” with Ultimate Classic Rock running the transcript of the chat in which he revealed he’s eying a project like Robert Plant and Alison Krauss’ (Raising Sand album), “. . . but not yet. I’ve still got a lot of rocking stuff to be done. I’ve thought about getting a girl to sing with me on those kind of stripped-back ballads. I know the record company wants me to do it. But I need to find a girl I think I can sing with — Bonnie Raitt would be great — and the songs come, and they’re all in that vein, and they can all be interpreted, then I’ll do it. And it will happen.”

Seeing as so many of his peers have announced their retirement from the road, Rod was asked his he’s far behind them in hanging up his mic stand to which he replied, “Oh, please! When I first started, none of us thought about fame. We just had to play and people listened — that was all we wanted. It’s still the same. Plus, I’m a natural showoff! The audience is still there. Two nights, sold out, at the Hollywood Bowl. 15,000 a night. I’d be a mug to give it up.”

As far back as 2004, Rod Stewart was telling us that he wanted to record with Bonnie Raitt: “I want to do a few more duets. Y’know, I’d love to sing with Bonnie Raitt. I think her voice and mine would be fabulous — if she’s willing.”

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