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Robby Krieger: The Doors Stole From Cream, Not The Kinks For ‘Hello, I Love You’

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Although the legend goes that Jim Morrison and the Doors cribbed the melody for “Hello, I Love You” from the Kinks’ 1964 classic “All Day And All Of The Night,” guitarist Robby Krieger maintains the influence came elsewhere. In commemoration of “Hello, I Love You” topping the Billboard Hot 100 for two weeks beginning on August 3rd, 1968, the band has issued a new seven-inch version of the single with its B-side “Love Street.” On September 14th the band will release the deluxe Waiting For The Sun – 50th Anniversary edition.

Robby Krieger, who co-wrote “Hello, I Love You,” recalled to us that the biggest influence for the sound of the song came not from the Kinks — but from Cream: “The cool thing was the drumbeat. When we started, John (Densmore) was just kind of playing straight through that — the verse part, y’know, (sings) ‘Hello, I love you won’t you (sings).’ So, I had the idea of stealing the drum pattern from (Cream’s) ‘Sunshine Of Your Love’ — y’know, where Ginger Baker does the tom-toms on the off-beats. And that, I think, really made the song. Y’know, people think we stole that song from the Kinks, but. . . y’know, ‘All Day And All Of The Night’ — but, in reality we stole it from ‘Sunshine Of Your Love’ from the drum part.”

According to a recent Ray Davies interview with Rolling Stone, due to the similarity in the melody, between “All Day And All Of The Night” and “Hello, I Love You,” a financial settlement was worked out between both band’s publishers.

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