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Ringo Starr Salutes Pre-Beatles Band In New Album Track

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Ringo Starr recalls his pre-Beatles band Rory Storm & The Hurricanes on his newly released album, Postcards From Paradise. The track “Rory & The Hurricanes” is Ringo’s fourth autobiographical song about his early years in Liverpool — with previous albums featuring such tracks as “Liverpool 8,” “The Other Side Of Liverpool,” and “In Liverpool.”

Ringo told us there was no embellishment to the story in the new song, which chronicles the Liverpool band making their first trip down to London: “The incident I sing about on ‘Rory & The Hurricanes’ was an actual thing that happened. We didn’t have money, we did go down to London in a van, and we did live in the floor of someone’s apartment, all of us just sleeping on the floor. And we had bread, butter, and jam when we got there, and we ran out of butter so we just had bread and jam — ‘cause we had no money. Then we went to a dance, and no London girl would dance with us, because we had a Northern accent. Y’know, it was very divided in England in those days, and, y’know, through the ‘60s. Now, it’s like one country. But it was very divided them, when even your accent would keep you out of the dance. And one French girl, she said, ‘Oui’ — and it’s in the song — and I had a dance.”

Paul McCartney will induct Ringo Starr into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame when he receives the Award For Musical Excellence. The ceremony will take place April 18th at Cleveland’s Public Hall.

Although not entering the hall under the main ballot — as McCartney, John Lennon, and George Harrison did — Ringo’s award technically marks the entree of all four Beatles into the Rock Hall as solo artists.

HBO will broadcast an edited version of the event on Saturday, May 30th at 8 p.m.

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