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Review Finds Legislator Violated Workplace Violence Policy

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An independent investigation has found former Cortland County Legislative Chair Susan Briggs guilty of violating the county’s workplace violence policy in connection with a dispute with a fellow legislator.

The investigation conducted by local attorney Don Armstrong who was hired by the county finds that

Legislator Susan Briggs

Legislator Susan Briggs

Briggs violated the workplace violence policy when she launched a profanity-laced tirade at republican lawmaker Charles Sudbrink back on April 7th.

Briggs and Sudbrink had been involved in a dispute over a plan to recently to designate parking spaces at the county office building for legislators.

Sudbrink publicly criticized Briggs in connection with the parking plan.

Later, Briggs met with Sudbrink in her office and used profane language and berated Sudbrink for challenging her position.

Sudbrink left the office and Briggs accused him of striking her then injured arm with the door. Briggs filed a report with Cortland Police over the incident.

Legislator Charles Sudbrink

Legislator Charles Sudbrink

The police investigation found no criminal conduct in the matter.

The findings of the independent review were released last night. Sudbrink says he feels vindicated by the report which found he had done nothing wrong and was, in fact, the victim in the matter.

Briggs who was later removed as the chair said she was disappointed that the report was released. She feels the entire incident was politically motivated and part of a power grab by now chair Don Boyden. Briggs says she regrets the dispute but says she did not threaten Sudbrink

The investigation could cost taxpayers up to $10 thousand dollars.

Briggs remains in office but has said she does not plan to seek reelection.

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