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Reports suggest Brindisi overtaking lead in NY-22

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New reports suggest Congressman Anthony Brindisi has taken the lead in District 22.

Absentee ballots in the eight counties apparently dissolved a 28k election night margin by former Rep. Claudia Tenney.

Brindisi claims to have come back and surpassed Tenney by around a dozen votes.

However, the certification process is far from over.

Questions remain over erroneous ballot markings that led to an injunction Tuesday in state supreme court.

That prevents any localities from certifying results until all present concerns are resolved.

Each candidate’s legal team can file motions with the court until Monday at 5 pm.

Both campaigns issued statements amid the ongoing controversy:


Brindisi campaign

“Election results from the remaining counties in the district show Anthony Brindisi has now taken the lead.

We are hopeful that once New York’s 22nd congressional district is certified, Representative Brindisi will be sworn in again to continue his bipartisan work on behalf of this district.

As we’ve said from the start, once the election process is completed Anthony will be re-elected.

Democracy might force us to wait sometimes, but voters’ faith in this process and our Republic should remain steadfast.”

Tenney campaign

“Governor Cuomo’s unfair, unwise, and unilateral rules changes and administrative burdens overwhelmed our voting system and created this utter dysfunction.

As a result, the law was not followed when ballots were challenged and tabulated in this election.

The result remains far from resolved. Hundreds of ineligible ballots were illegally or improperly cast including votes by the dead, non-residents, or unregistered voters. Those ballots should not – and must not – be counted.

The hearing in court has already established that the current tally includes invalid votes and that the process to review and count the massive amount of paper ballots is fractured.

Today’s misleading and inaccurate tally is rife with errors and mistakes that must be rectified before this election is certified. It is far from final.

Our team will fight to ensure the rights of every voter who cast a legal and proper ballot are preserved and not diluted. We cannot sacrifice accuracy for speed.

When that is done, we feel strongly that Claudia Tenney will be certified the winner of the race for the 22nd District of New York.”

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