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Report: Elton John To Perform At Royal Wedding On Saturday

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It is being reported that Elton John will perform on Saturday (May 19th) at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. reported: “Sources close to Elton tell TMZ the singer is set to perform during Saturday’s event . . . it’s still unclear whether he’ll get behind his piano at the church ceremony or at the reception later in the night. Elton’s been tight with the Royal Family for years he was an extremely close friend of Princess Diana. The two worked together to raise money for AIDS research and awareness of the disease. . . (Elton) famously delivered ‘Candle In The Wind’ as a heart wrenching tribute at Diana’s funeral in 1997.”

One of the most enduring songs from Elton John’s entire career, was his and Bernie Taupin’s 1973 classic “Candle In The Wind” — which Elton still rates as a favorite: “It’s been a hit three times. It was a hit in England with the original versions and they never put the original version out in America as a single. Then there was a live version that came out that was a hit in America, and then, of course the (Princess) Diana thing. And it’s the sort of song, y’know, that people would say: ‘If I never heard that songs again, I’d be very, very happy.’ But for me, it’s a beautiful song.”

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