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Renovations Coming to Rose Hall in City of Cortland

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Rose Hall on Church Street in the City of Cortland looks to begin renovations within the building to make the building ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant, and create an overall better experience for patrons in the former church.

During the City of Cortland Planning Commission, building owner, David McNeil, and tenant, Chris Merkley, and architect Alton G. Ainslie, showed renderings of the project and spoke of the importance of these renovations to allow the building to become ADA compliant and provide an overall better experience for visitors and performers.

“A huge part of the renovation is accessibility. With the main space being on the second floor and the current elevator being out of date and low capacity and not fully compliant in terms of electric wheelchair access.” Chris Merkley said to X101.

Location of new ADA ramp at the Church Street entrance. X101 Photo.

Plans were presented to the commission showing interior renovations including a new accessible elevator, the renovation of the main front stairs, removal of sanctuary seating and addition of theater seating connecting to the existing balcony.

For the main front stairs along Church Street, a new ADA ramp and walk will be installed for ease of access. Towards the rear of the building facing Central Ave. a new emergency exit stairwell will be built.

Additionally a concessions serving station will be added, removal of existing baptistery and expansion of existing stage into baptistery space, and renovation and enlarging the existing bathrooms on the first floor.

The commission’s views towards the proposed renovations were positive. Noting the venue is “terrific” and they welcomed the ADA compliance. The board voted unanimously on the site plan review.

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